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Ceramic Polymer Sealant -- A Uniquely Durable Car Paint Sealant

  • Extra durable paint sealant that contains anti-static, grime repelling polymers supported by scratch resistant and hydrophobic (water hating) nanoparticles crosslinked in a ceramic polymer matrix.
  • Specifically designed to increase and then preserve a high gloss appearance of new or polished / reconditioned paint finishes and protect against further marring or micro-scratching as well as reducing cleaning cycles.
  • Resists the re-occurrence of spider web marks by encapsulating the finish in a glossy ceramic membrane that prevents the adhesion of road grime.
  • Ideal sealant for paint systems that contain pure color plus clear coat and can benefit from additional scratch / mar resistance as well further gloss and ease of cleaning.
  • Possess far superior coating chemistry than all other, silicone or synthetic polymer based sealants.
  • Easy to apply: Simply wipe on and wet-wipe clear with no powdery residue to remove.
  • Imparts the most chemically resistant and durable gloss of any comparably priced wax or sealant.
  • Eco-friendly, and 98% VOC (volatile organic compounds) free.
  • Three (3) year guarantee of added paint gloss and protection in a single application.
  • Guaranty is extended to five (5) years when applied in conjunction with HyperPolish.

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